Convenient Quantity Quotes

Requesting Quantity Quotes with Domade is easy.  We do this all the time!  Just prepare the following information:

Product #  (e.g. Dom20/20)
Total quantity expected to purchase (e.g. 20 cases)
Expected frequency  (e.g. 4 times per year or every 3 months)

Send this information to with the heading "RFQ" or "Request For Quote".

Please also provide the name of your business and phone # so we can contact you if we have follow up questions.

Please be aware that we can offer Quantity Discounts on most products.  However, we are offering very competitive pricing on the website already and certain products may already be at our best discount.

Normally, to get a Quantity Discount we expect a minimum of 10 cases, etc.  However, this may be less with larger products with higher prices.  It may also be more with smaller products with lower prices.  However, it never hurts to ask!

That's it!